PSU KA3005P Driver

   Couple of years back I needed a lab power supply and I bought one, which supports computer control. RND Lab 320-KA3005P is the model. Nothing fancy, but does its job. It came with software for computer control. I immediately recognized LabVIEW controls and looked for LabVIEW driver, but couldn’t find one. I decided to write one myself. The instructions manual was not bad and provided most of the commands. For some I had to search for manual of other similar power supplies. It turned out that there are multiple companies, which use the same commands (perhaps same firmware and maybe even same hardware made in the same factory).


   The driver I wrote should be fully compatible with the following brands and models:

  • RND Lab 320-KA3005P
  • Tenma 72-25xx series
  • Velleman PS3005D
  • Korad KA3005P

Other models of same manufacturers with two channel outputs are also supported. I only own the first one and haven’t tested with the others, but according to their manuals they use the same commands and type of communication. Future firmware changes might make some models incompatible with my driver, so if it doesn’t work, that might be the reason.

   The driver requires VISA installed in LabVIEW. This is needed for serial communication with the power supply. VISA can be downloaded from National Instruments’ website. I did not include it in the package to keep its size small (VISA is a few hundred Mb).

   You can download the driver zip file here: download link. It includes the full source code and VIP installer for JKI VIPM.

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