File Tools

  File Tools is LaVIEW a toolkit which helps working with some file types. The list of tools in this toolkit is as follows:

  • Execute File – a couple of VIs for executing one or multiple files. This tool can be used for launching documents or other files as well as executable files.
  • HEXrw – this tool reads and writes Intel hex files as described in Wikipedia. The is a polymorphic VI. You have options to read 8, 16, 32, 64-Bit files. automatically selects what type of file to create based on address and data size.
  • RW_INI – this tool provides simple VIs for reading and writing of configuration files in ini format. Both and are polymorphic and allow for different data types to be used. You can choose from boolean, double, integer, path, string and unsigned. Those VIs are not meant for use in loops. They open (create) a file, read or write a single parameter and close the file.

  The Array Tools can download as zip file here: download link. It includes the full source code and VIP installer for JKI VIPM.


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