Infrared (IR) web camera

The following article will show you one of the easiest ways for making Infrared camera out of a standard web camera. First I will try to explain the difference between what a standard  and infrared camera can “see”. The graphic below shows two light bands. The left is what a human being can see or Visible Light. The right is the infrared spectrum. Most of the objects around us emit or reflect significant amount of visible light as well as infrared light.  When you you low power light bulb (incandescent) to bring light in you room and you try to use standard web camera, you will see that it hardly can show you what is in front of it. Using an infrared camera the picture of the same room will be about five times brighter. That’s because only 20% of the light emitted from a standard incandescent bulb is in the visible spectrum and the other is infrared.


Now it is time to show you how to modify a standard web camera and turn it into infrared camera.

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