The LabVIEW Numeric toolkit contains a few VIs for numeric operations. The following list shows the VIs you will find in Functions menu if you install this toolkit as a VI package:


  • 2’s_Comp_to_Num and Num_to_2’s_Comp – a couple of VIs for converting between decimal and 2’s complement numbers
  • SIprefixConverter – converts a number for use with a specific SI prefix. For example you can use it to convert from nano to base or from kilo to mega or anything else you choose. Both input and output prefix are selectable.
  • x_power_y – calculates x to the power of y
  • y_root_x – calculates y-th root of x
  • NumToNoDecPtStr – a VI to convert a number to a sort of scientific notation, but without using decimal point (or comma). It uses the SI prefix instead. For example you can convert 4523 to 4k523 or 0.025 to 25m. You can also add unit.

  The Numeric toolkit can download as zip file here: download link. It includes the full source code and VIP installer for JKI VIPM.

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