Array Tools

  This is LabVIEW a toolkit, meant for array processing tools. Currently the contents is as follows:

  • LogSort – this tool sorts logically 1D string array. Big part of this tool I found on NI’s forums. Those VIs are sorted a bit, but I haven’t put my copyright in them of course. I replaced the original swapping with a set of new VIs that are capable of sorting strings, containing multiple numbers, numbers with leading zeros, IP addresses… It is a bit slower than the original, but provides better sorting. If you are sorting thousands of strings, it will take some time, but even Windows takes its time sotring files by name and it is not really good at it. The vip file will install 2 icons in your Functions menu under PenoffTools>>ArrayTools>>LogSort: LogSort and LogicSwap. LogSort is the VI that does full 1D array sorting. LogicSwap is a part of the tool and it only swaps 2 strings if need in order to sort them. It can be used to sort 2 strings if you ever need that.

The Array Tools can download as zip file here: download link. It includes the full source code and VIP installer for JKI VIPM.

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