PSU KA3005P Driver

   Couple of years back I needed a lab power supply and I bought one, which supports computer control. RND Lab 320-KA3005P is the model. Nothing fancy, but does its job. It came with software for computer control. I immediately recognized LabVIEW controls and looked for LabVIEW driver, but couldn’t find one. I decided to write one myself. The instructions manual was not bad and provided most of the commands. For some I had to search for manual of other similar power supplies. It turned out that there are multiple companies, which use the same commands (perhaps same firmware and maybe even same hardware made in the same factory).


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Snake Game

Recently I found the good old snake game in LabVIEW version on National Instrument’s Code Exchange pages (link). Since LabVIEW is very expensive software for professional use in research and manufacturing, I didn’t expect to find games made with it. This really surprised me and I tried it. It has some issues and not really great design practices. I spent some time to rebuild the game in a little better way, fixed the issues I found and did some changes on the playing grid (array) to make it less exhausting for the eyes. I also added high score option so you can keep your record. There is a startup screen for couple of seconds as well. Looks nice and brings some joy 🙂 It’s far from perfect, but it is just for fun. I didn’t find any license notice on the page I got it from, so I am assuming it is OK to release my modification for free.

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Sonica 1 – Headphone Amplifier With TPA6120A Part II – PCB Assembly and Rebuild

After some waiting for Sonica 1’s PCB they have arrived. As usual, the quality was very good. I had made a few mistakes, but nothing serious. I will take a few minutes to explain what I had to fix and how the assembly and rebuild of the original amplifier went. The end result was as expected, no change in sound quality.

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Sonica 1 – Headphone Amplifier With TPA6120A Part I – Schematic And PCB Design

A month ago I started thinking about rebuilding my good old headphone amplifier with TPA6120A. I didn’t realize it was that old until I decided to translate the original article in English. It’s been 7 years and I though it was 3 or 4. Time passes quickly, it seems. I spent some time thinking how to improve it. Now the PCB and components are ordered and once I get them, assembly will take place in the same chassis. What’s new and improved? A number of things in fact.

The list of updates is as follows:

  1. Single PCB to include all blocks except input and output connectors
  2. Encapsulated toroidal transformer for PCB mounting
  3. Double the capacitors in the regulator (2x2200uF for each polarity)
  4. All electrolytic capacitors are now Panasonic FR series (newer and better than FC)
  5. All 100nF decoupling capacitors are now polyester WIMA MKS02 (smaller, allowing them to be closer to TPA6120A). Not as great as the polypropylene Panasonic, but more than sufficient
  6. ALPS Blue Velvet potentiometer
  7. New heatsinks for the voltage regulators
  8. All possible components switched to SMD
  9. Rectifier diodes changed to 2A model
  10. Delay On circuit has now its own voltage regulator
  11. Delay On circuit error fixed – output was switched off when the large capacitors discharged, now this happens when the switch is turned off (well, around 50ms later)
  12. Delay setting trim potentiometer is replaced with Bourns precise model for easier setting of desired delay
  13. Power LED will now turn on and off together with the headphone relay
  14. The new PCB has option for 115V in addition to 230V (supported by the new transformer)
  15. New volume knob

Let’s take a closer look at the design decisions made, updates and why they were needed.
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Headphone Amplifier With TPA6120A Part II – Finished Product

Somehow I forgot to translate this second part of the Headphone Amplifier project from Bulgarian to English. Better late then never 🙂 The project has been finished in March 2010 and all relative time references should be linked to that date. That was quite a while ago. It seems I have lost track of time or I’m just getting older. I am building an updated version at the moment and I will post an article about it soon. Now let’s go back to the finishing of the first version.

Time has come to finish the project, started long ago, headphone amplifier with TPA6120A. After I finished the assembly of the PCB for the amplifier and performed some tests in August 2009, I just didn’t have an opportunity to finish what I have started. Now everything came in its place and one PCB became a finished product. The final version combines the amplifier together with toroidal transformer, voltage regulator and circuit for delayed output enabling in a nice aluminum enclosure. Continue reading “Headphone Amplifier With TPA6120A Part II – Finished Product”