PSU KA3005P Driver

   Couple of years back I needed a lab power supply and I bought one, which supports computer control. RND Lab 320-KA3005P is the model. Nothing fancy, but does its job. It came with software for computer control. I immediately recognized LabVIEW controls and looked for LabVIEW driver, but couldn’t find one. I decided to write one myself. The instructions manual was not bad and provided most of the commands. For some I had to search for manual of other similar power supplies. It turned out that there are multiple companies, which use the same commands (perhaps same firmware and maybe even same hardware made in the same factory).


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Snake Game

Recently I found the good old snake game in LabVIEW version on National Instrument’s Code Exchange pages (link). Since LabVIEW is very expensive software for professional use in research and manufacturing, I didn’t expect to find games made with it. This really surprised me and I tried it. It has some issues and not really great design practices. I spent some time to rebuild the game in a little better way, fixed the issues I found and did some changes on the playing grid (array) to make it less exhausting for the eyes. I also added high score option so you can keep your record. There is a startup screen for couple of seconds as well. Looks nice and brings some joy 🙂 It’s far from perfect, but it is just for fun. I didn’t find any license notice on the page I got it from, so I am assuming it is OK to release my modification for free.

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