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It’s been a while since I wrote the posts about my electric bicycle conversion project. The bicycle runs fine so far and I finally finished rewriting the software that configures its controller.

I will not make a long post for this so you won’t get bored. Basically I took the original software which also included all required source files and made it look better, fixed many bugs, improved its operation and added a small help file. Now you don’t need administrative rights under windows 8 and 10 to be able to see the available COM ports. The interface looks more tidy and well aligned and also uses better English. Numerous bugs were fixed, regarding error messages and error checking, communication, parameter limits and so on. I found this program as an open source (including all source files) I am providing it the same way.

Be advised! Doing any changes to your controller might lead to damage. I won’t be held responsible for any kind of damage you might induce to your controller, motor, gears, bicycle or yourself. Do what you like at your own risk! Cycle safe and take care for others on the road!

You can download the program HERE.

Latest version uploaded on 16.05.2017 with a few updates. Assist level labels now say Assist, not Assit 😀 The current limit is not active when bike is not connected. This allows you to work with your saved profiles even if you haven’t connected your bike.

Compatibility with BBS##B drives has been confirmed by many users now. Luckily for all, Bafang hasn’t changed the communication protocol.

145 thoughts on “E-Bike Conversion – Software

  1. Hi Stefan,
    I have a question. There is something that I can’t understand. After reading the memory, I can modify the parameters of the “Basic” and the “PAS” menus with the WRITE button (single WRITE or WRITE FLASH). There is no problem. Unfortunatly the “start current” of the “Throttle handle” menu has been also modified and set to 100% (it was 10% the first time I read the flash) and can not be modify even if I validate with the write button 3 or 4 times. The software allways shows the value is modified but if I read again the memory the value is still set at 100%. Do yo have an idea of what happen? Because I think I can’t use the throttle with the start current set at 100%.
    Best Regards

    1. If you always read 100% no matter what you write, then you probably have a memory defect in your controller.

    2. I have a similar problem, I can read, but not change any values. This is a BBS01b
      Model 209E V 5.1
      Firmware VS.9.1.a
      I can read the settings in the firmware, but when I try to change a value it appear to be written, but when I read the settings again they are back to the original settings. The cable must be OK since I can read the data, the communicating is both ways.
      I bought this unit recently, and I assume there is a firmware lock on the settings in this version, has anyone experience this? I have also tried the original Bafang programmer.
      Regars J.O.

    3. Original Bafang software is no different communication wise. I don’t know why you have this problem as other said it is working. I don’t have this model and can’t test.

  2. Just got a new interest for eBike/convertion-kits.
    Bought the first kit from Bikeshop.no, which of course is a “legal kit”.
    Stumbled over this great site and have tried the software.
    Seems to have the same problem as reported by JOHOVE.
    It connects and reads, shows strange values for current limit (all zeros) and Speed limit (all 14%):
    Write probably fails as no confirmation is returned (unlike for read).
    Maybe read-only flash memory on this particual controller.
    Have contacted “support” at Bikeshop. No surprise that they do not want to help.
    The DP-C18 UART display they sell is “securly locked” by them (BESST) and they refuse to “open” it.
    So you Norwegians are warned. Do not buy a kit from Bikeshop. 🙂
    I found Fasterbikes.eu and used their “version”(same) of DP-C18 to “unlock” the controller (speed).
    But your great program do not work with this particular controller.
    Will test on a BBSHD kit and a 750w/48V spare controller (from Fasterbikes.eu) later.


    1. The display is locked with a password. Shouldn’t matter what software has been used for it. Still without it, it will take forever to giess it. I think it is 5 digit on this model, but even 4 is enough. Don’t know of another way to unlock the display.
      The motor controller is separate and I haven’t seen onr locked before. I guess they have new firmware allowing for that. Sad! This law is quite stupid. Similar to mopeds limited to 45 when limit on the street is 50.
      So a warning to everyone. Always ask if and to what extent an electronic bicycle is limited before you buy!

    2. Hi,
      It is correct that the display is locked, it is programed with at tool from Bafang, not via password inn the display The controller is also locked, it can not be changed via the old protocol.

      The settings from Bikeshop are very conservative, much less that legale req.
      Very low cadence.

      I changed to an other controler and display from China.

    3. Cadence is not a parameter you have control over. It is the maximum speed and current for each PAS level that limit the cadence.
      The new tool from Baffang is online and only for dealers. If they have changed the firmware to allow locking of settings, then you should only buy from a seller who doesn’t lock or is willing to unlock for you.

    4. And if you are buyimg locked one, don’t buy anything over 250W! If it is locked to EU limits, then this is what you will get even from BBSHD if limited.

  3. I agree that cadence is not directly controlled, but it seems that Current Decay affects it, in Bikeshop’s firmware this value was set to 1, which gave a maximum cadence around 60, much to low use the low gears on the bike.

    1. Current decay is how fast the current drops to 0. Anyway, there are enough parameters to make the motor feel like a toy.

  4. Thanks guys for replies/following up my post. 🙂
    I am an impatient guy and even though I did some “googl’ing” before going for the kit from Bikeshop, I had a suspicion that it probably was not a good choice.
    Was not sure how fast I would get “stuff” from LunaCycle (tested OK now), nor Fasterbikes, but the latter delivered very fast. (Bikeshop is of course faster, and OK for other “stuff”.. but “unusable” for eBike kits as we now know).
    Have not given up on the BBS02/DP-C18 from Bikeshop/Bafang. The controller will be swapped and I have ordered the BESST tool (and believes it can be used via a hack). 🙂

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to re write this software it has helped me a lot with sorting my ebike out.

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