Improved dimmer for domestic light applications

Abstract: A universal dimmer scheme is proposed with modular structure. The dimmer is usable with different types of loads (in-candescent bulbs, energy saving lams, fluorescent lamps, and halogen lamps) and thus it becomes really universal. The improved topology of the power module design using MOSFETs, allows dissipating the energy stored in the reactive load (capacitive or in-ductive). This prevents the destroying of the main controlled MOSFET transistors. Continue reading “Improved dimmer for domestic light applications”

Power LED – The Future of Lighting

PLED_article_img_08Nowadays energy efficacy becomes more and more important because of the increasing use of electricity in almost any aspect of our everyday life. We can’t even imagine what our life would be without electricity. As we all depend on the presence of electricity and the consumption rises, we must look for ways to use it more effectively. One of the reasons is that the electricity is generated using not so environmentally friendly technologies (like burning coals for example) so more use means more pollution. The so called “green” technologies become preferred now and even fashionable. “Green” stands for, but is not limited to: high effectiveness, low energy consumption, lack of pollution, avoiding the use of toxic materials in the manufacturing process, recycling materials. Continue reading “Power LED – The Future of Lighting”