MLTL speakers with Jordan JX92 – part II – adding ribbon tweeter

My MLTL speakers project with Jordan JX92 was waiting for a final touch with some paint or veneer, but instead it ended up with HiVi Research RT1.3 ribbon tweeters. As good as JX92 are, we all know that there is nothing perfect. It was absurd to think that 4-inch driver is capable of reproducing perfectly the whole range from around 30Hz all the way up to 20kHz. That is why I decided to add ribbon tweeter and improve the high frequencies after I cut the bass port to improve the low frequencies, sacrificing those below 40Hz. The good thing is that I chose project which allows me to add second driver – second generation 35″ MLTL. Although I didn’t use Aurum Cantus G2 as Jim Griffin did, the final result is OK with me for now. The photo below shows the tweeter already mounted in the speaker. Its front panel isn’t the most beautiful but at least it sounds good.

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