PHYSICS the 21-st century

PHYSICS the 21-st century
based on a single, unitary principle

Prof. PETAR RASHKOV PENCHEV, Doctor of Technical Sciences
Doctor Honoris Causa of the Technical Univerity of Sofia

The author, Prof. Dr. Sci. Petar Rashkov PENCHEV was born on July12-th, 1923 in Stefan Stambolovo, Veliko Tarnovo R. Prof. Penchev has been teaching at the Technical University of Sofia (Dept. of Electrical Apparatuses) since January 1950. His research interests connected with the issues presented here date back to 1938. To the present moment Prof. Penchev has published a lot of publications on the problems considered, including 18 monographs.

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Prof. Petar Rashkov Penchev, D. T. S.
Mladost I, bl. 90, entr. 9, Sofia 1797
home phone: +359-2-8706805

© Prof. Petar Rashkov Penchev, D. T. S., The 21-st century Physics based on a single, unitary principle, 2007


The mathematical description of the Principal (the unitary initial deductive principle) cannot be expressed by one single formula only (equation); a system of differential equations is needed instead, which will describe the most general initial and fundamental principles, which may be:

  1. The initial resource – matter (material continuum) and its properties, energies, masses, forces, fields (including gravitational field) etc., has solely and only electromagnetic nature.
  2. The initial resource is indestructible nor creatable from nothing, i.e. it is eternal. This principle is synthesized in the law of energy and mass conservation and their restructuring from one into another state, or the law of matter conservation and its restructuring.
  3. The various natural objects (manifestations) have a relative independence as regards the material continuum, that is why they are connected and interrelated via force structural connections into one whole: the nature.

Forming the Principal into a system of differential equations at the present level of knowledge of nature is possible by using two classical and experimentally well established theories about the perceptible natural phenomena, on condition that electromagnetic resource generates gravitation, i. e. that electromagnetic density of the mass of the objects generates the gravitational field. These theories are:

  • The electromagnetic theory of J. C. Maxwell, further developed by Max Planck, i.e. Maxwell’s equations and Planck’s theory about photons.
  • I. Newton’s gravitational theory, denoted as equations by S. Poisson in 1813.

Through the equations of these classical physical theories, a system of equations is formed:


Consequences from the Principal:

  • The notion of electromagnetic continuum or material continuum are synonymous to the notion of nature (world).
  • There is no natural phenomenon without simultaneous participation of electromagnetic and gravitational fields, for every electromagnetic field has its mass – density of the mass, and it generates a gravitational field.

From a fundamental (general) point of view, the first and genetic property of matter and its manifestations (including its gravitational field) have solely and only electromagnetic nature, i.e. matter and its genetic manifestations, as well as all interactions of forces, as causal genetic phenomena, have solely and only electromagnetic character, i.e. that the principle of electromagnetic nature of matter has no alternative and is definitely an adequate groundwork principle of physics.

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