MLTL speakers with Jordan JX92 – part III – finishing touches

Two years after the beginning of my MLTL speakers project with Jordan JX92, it has finally come to an end. I made some finishing touches but nothing significant. The speakers are now freshly painted, have new spikes and second pair of terminals are added for choice of connection schemes. The photos following show the finished speakers.

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MLTL speakers with Jordan JX92

After a long pause it is time for something new in my simple web site. At some point in time I decided to build a pair of good speakers, which will be pleasant for listening and at the same time cheaper than a small car like many of those you can buy in audio store. I chose the notorious JX92s by Jordan. This small driver is widely used in DIY builds as well as in commercial speakers. After half a year of thinking over countless enclosure designs, I ended my search at Jordan’s website and the second generation 35″ MLTL.

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